Objectives and rules of baccarat

บาคาร่า  is a game that is quite simple depending more on luck than on skills. The reason that has made the game to gain a large following throughout the world is due to its simplicity. The winning rules are quite simple. You have to get the cards to have a total of 9 as possible. Throughout the centuries, the game of baccarat has greatly evolved from being just a game which is played by the royalty to being a game that anyone can play.

The value of the card

Unlike with the other card games where a lot of prominence is given with the king, an ace, jack or queen, when it comes to the baccarat game, such cards have a zero value. The ace is the lowest card which carries a single point. From two to card nine, the cards do carry the points that are equivalent to their numbers. In baccarat all which matters is the numeric value of the card. It doesn’t have anything to do with the suits such as eh clubs, the spades, the heart and the diamonds. A card with a 5 with any symbol will still carry a value of 5 and all the other cards will follow suit.

Players involved

The two players involved as well as the banker, who is referred to as the Banco and the player referred to as the Punto. That means that, the game is between the Punto and the Banco. There is extra card dealer that is involved in the casinos. But as you play off the casinos, the game can be played without the card dealer. The players can be able to take turns in distributing the cards between themselves. In some instances, there is another player referred to as a stand-off. It is a player who is optional and the game can go on without them.

The game’s objective is quite simple – to be able to get a total of nine or a total which is closer to a nine. Whoever is able to get near to the total of nine is the one who wins. The game starts with two cards. In case the total is a nine or an eight, then that is referred to as a natural and it goes in favor of the player who gets an eight or a nine.

If none of the player gets a natural, then the dealer has to give out one card to both the players. The one that scores closest to the natural with the extra card is the one that wins. The game is done using six decks to eight deck cards

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