Strategies for predicting winning lottery numbers

The lottery is also part of the gambling world. In this randomly a number is picked and whoever has the same number is declared as winner and prize are given to them. Many people who like to play Lottery Online Singapore and want to win the jackpots use the lottery strategy. Let us understand what is lottery strategy? It is the strategy in which a number is picked by having an idea about, what numbers are most expected to be drawn? Even though the number is picked with the random process still some tips can be used to split the system. Below are some strategies for you.

  • Identify hot, cold, and overdue numbers: To apply this strategy while playing the lottery. You need to analyze some sample data from the past lottery games. Like, which numbers were drawn in recent games and which numbers were not drawn. But make sure you take more than fifty samples. The hot numbers are the ones that are drawn most of the time in your sample data. They are called the lucky numbers. The cold numbers are those numbers that are drawn less according to your sample data.

Even though the cold number could be drawn in the latest lottery. Still, it is a cold number as on average it is in below position. These numbers are called unlucky numbers. Overdue numbers are those numbers which are not been drawn for a long time. These can be included in the hot numbers as there is a chance that next time they may show up. Always play lottery games with Keno Online as they are the best lottery providers in the industry.

  • Wheeling system: this is the system in which some common numbers are taken. Then they are combined with all the possible numbers to generate the lucky ticket numbers. For example, if you have selected to play six out of sixty-nine possible numbers if you have to win. In this, you need to first select four hot numbers and then combine them with other forty-five numbers. But in this method, you need to buy hundreds of tickets which generally no one would like to buy. In reality, it is not even a good thing to do so.
  • The odds and even strategy: In this strategy, the game is not predicted based on the probability of one single number getting drawn but a combination of a specific group of numbers getting drawn. It is said that there is very little chance of getting a complete odd individual number or a complete even individual number. The chance of winning a number can be in form of the combination of both even and odd. So choose the tickets which as both even and odd number combination.
  • Mathematical sequence to predict the number: Some lottery experts believe that you can find some specific pattern in all the winning lottery numbers. You just need to carefully observe all the past winning numbers and find out the specific pattern in them. Use the mentioned link to play a lottery game and get the best experience.


Finally, do not forget to have fun while applying all these strategies to win the lottery. Hope you will pick up the correct lottery numbers.

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