The rise of bet builders

Football bets have always been the most popular sport for people to bet on with there being around 100 million users that bet on football matches each week. The football season is back once again, and fans are now allowed back to the stadiums, so the game is once again in full swing with COVID restrictions being lifted. There have always been a lot of different betting markets but recently you can build your bet with many different selections, for example, you can choose a certain player to score or to get a yellow card, and you can also add in which team you think will win, how mand goal kicks and throw-ins along with many more different options. These bet builders have proven to be a firm favourite amongst punters at football matches there are plenty of different betting platforms that have these options with many available at CNOG and gamblers are loving the different markets that they can choose from. Bet builders have only recently been added to betting websites and apps, they are already the most used tool on betting platforms with more casinos and bookies looking to add them to their apps and websites to cope with the popular demand to have them available.

The pandemic caused the stop of football games for a long period with only a few different countries offering games to bet on, this caused a lot of bookies to think of ways to get players back betting on leagues that they knew nothing about. This is where the bet builders came in and offered punters the chance to make their bets and not just decide who will win the game come full-time. Bet builders are now a huge part of football bets with them being the most used option across all the different platforms with even betting slips in the bookies being able to use them on paper. Football bets are currently at a record high with more people than ever before taking to football bets to try and win some extra cash. There are even pages on Twitter and other social media platforms that post tips on what to bet on with bet builders with some of them having great success and sharing their tips for free for other punters to use whilst using the bet builders, player yellow cards seem to be a firm favourite amongst betters at the moment.

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